Spinciceva 1, 21 000 SPLIT, CROATIA, tel: (+385 21) 556 111, fax: (+385 21) 365738


Born:11/ 6/ 26

Address: Department of Psychiatry
Clinical Hospital - Split Spinčićeva 1,
21000 Split, Croatia
Telephone: 385-21-556-111 (ext.135)
Fax: 385-21-365-738
Home: M. Držića 16 21000 Split, Croatia
Telephone/Fax: 385-21-591-080

Classical High School, Split, 1944 Faculty of Medicine, Zagreb, 1952 Specialization in Neurology and Psychiatry, 1958 Doctor's degree, 1966 Assistant Professor of Forensic Psychiatry (Faculty of Law, Split), 1966 Assistant Professor in Faculty of Medicine, Zagreb, 1967 Full Professor of Forensic Psychiatry on the Faculty of Law, 1975 Full Professor of Psychiatry on the Faculty of Medicine, 1981 Head Doctor 1969 Scientific Adviser 1982

FUNCTION: Head of the Clinic for Psychiatry at the Split Clinical Hospital.

The author published over 200 professional and scientific works and three monographs. He wrote teaching texts in psychiatric textbooks. He participated in many international research projects. His basic orientation is the field of psychiatric epidemiology. The results that he achieved in that field were published in a series of scientific works and doctoral dissertation (1966). He is significantly engaged in the field of pharmacopsychiatry, alcohology, and social forensic psychiatry. He is included in International Directory of Investigation in Psychopharmacology WHO. National Institute of Mental Health, No 2852. His works were published in world professional Journals and were noticed in International scientific circles. His papers in the Croatian language were also translated for publication in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Polish, Rumanian and Czechoslovakian. The author gladly and successfully transmits his knowledge and experience to the younger generation over the 30 years. He is a full Professor of Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry. He is the member of Croatian Medical Academy and Honorary member of Czechoslovakian Medical Association: "J.E. Purkynie". He is doyen of Croatian psychiatry, and prize-winner for Life work of Croatian Psychiatric Association. His biography is printed in "First Five Hundred" International Biographic Center, Cambridge, England, Third Ed. 1994.

The list of publications and copies of publication available upon request

HOBBIES: water sports, travel, collector of modern art.