Katja Ćurin, Jadranka Marušić, Elizabeta Cetinić, Zorana Klišmanić
Nutrition and accommodation of displaced persons in the area of Split, Solin and Kaštela


During March and April of 1992 the workers the Public Health Institute in Split controlled the nutrition and accommodation of 5151 displaced persons in hotels and locations other than hotels (vacation centers, shacks and hostels) in the area of Split, Solin and Kaątela. The energetic value and quality structure of daily meals depart (are insufficient) from recommended standards for displaced persons nutrition. The share of bread in the total energetic value of daily meals is significantly high (40-50%). Sanitary hygienic conditions in locations other than hotels are markedly bad. It is necessary to the nutrition of displaced persons with the recommended standards. In order to protect the health of the displaced persons as well as the health of the local inhabitants it is necessary to improve the sanitary hygienic conditions of their accommodation in vacation centers, shacks and hotels. Key words: nutrition, displaced persons.