Mladen Filipović, Vlatko Aglić , Katica Vanjaka
Epidemiology of scabies in the region of Split within a ten-year period (1980 - 1989)

The past 20 years have witnessed a growing number of cases of scabies all over the world, as well as in Europe and in our country. This paper presents the data on the incidence of scabies in the area of the town of Split and the area that gravitates forward for the 1980-1989 period. The recorded annual numerical values show that the spread of the disease has a falling tendency. Infestation is markedly frequent in two age groups; 0-10 and 21-30 years, males being infested more frequently (1.5:1). As to the profession, the highest incidence has been recorded among the employed, the pupils and children. The causes of cyclic appearances of the disease (every 25 to 3o years), its atypical clinical features in the actual pandemia and its termination are discussed.

Key words: scabies, epidemiology.