Drago Rakię, Stojan Polię, Ivo Bo¾ię, Zvonko Rumboldt, Dinko Mirię, Jugoslav Bagatin
A contribution of echocardiography to cardiological diagnostics: congenital heart diseases (part I)

During a fifteen-year activity of Echocardiographic laboratory of Division of Cardiology, Department of Internal Medicine Clinical Hospital Split, more than 25 000 adults patients have been echocardiographically examined. Significance of echocardiography in diagnostics of congenital and acquired heart diseases in shown in the part I and part II respectively through presentation of typical echocardiographic findings by one-dimensional, two-dimensional and Doppler techniques. The interrelationship of diferent echocardiographic imaging is emphasized, since irrespective of the fact that each shows its own Ņheart diseasesÓ, and more than others, it may also be complementary to the others. The role of transoesophageal and color-Doppler echocardiography in diagnostics of congenital and aquired heart diseases is discussed.

Key words: echocardiography, congenital heart disease.