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Professor Rumboldt was born in 1938 and graduated from the University of Zagreb School of  Medicine, Zagreb, Croatia in 1963. In 1979 he was awarded a doctorate in science at the University of  Zagreb for the thesis: “The role of clinicophamacological investigation of vasomotion with the venoconstriction tests”. During his work he went through several important positions and appointments;

1963 - 1969   General practitioner in the community of  Muć, near Split, Croatia.
1969 - 1972    Resident, Department of  Medicine, General Hospital Split.
1972 - 1975    Specialist in Internal Medicine, ibidem.
1975               Research Fellow in Clinical Pharmacology, University of  Florence,
1975 -1991    Chief, Clinical Pharmacology Unit, General Hospital Split,  Croatia
1976               Research Fellow in Hypertension (AAS guest) Georgtown
                       University Washington, D. C., USA.
1976 - 1977   Research Associate in Clinical Pharmacology, Vanderbilt University,
                       Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
1977 - 1981    Assistant Professor, University of  Zagreb, School of  Medicine Zagreb,
1981 - 1986    Associate Professor of  Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology,
                       University of  Zagreb School of  Medicine.
1986 -             Professor of  Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology,
                       University of  Zagreb School of  Medicine.
1990 -             Head, Department of  Medicine, Clinical Hospital Split, Croatia.
1995 - 1997    Vicedean, University of  Zagreb School of  Medicine.
1997 -             Dean, University of  Split School of  Medicine, Split, Croatia.
1997 -             President, Croatian Society of  Hypertension.

                         He is member of the following associations and editorial boards:

*  American Assocation for the Advancement of Science
*  American College of Clinical Pharmacology
*  American Heart Association
*  American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics
*  Croatian Medical Academy
*  New York Academy of  Science
*  Archives of  Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology, Zagreb
*  Croatian Medical Journal,  Zagreb
*  Hrvatski Medicinski Anali, Split
*  Inernation Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Research, Geneve

To date has published more than 450 papers, 220 of which are original scientific reports. Most are dealing with clinical pharmacology, particularly cardiovascular pharmacotherapy, and arterial hypertension.