Spinciceva 1, 21 000 SPLIT, CROATIA, tel: (+385 21) 556 111, fax: (+385 21) 365738

Since the beginning of the Croatian Homeland War, The Clinical Hospital acted as the main medical institution for the area of the southern Croatia, and later, as the main medical institution for most of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that is far a total of 32 locations.

The Clinical Hospital assisted in the formation of war hospitals: in May of 1991 in Vrlika, Potravlje, Sinj, Metkovic, Ploce and Korcula; in the beginning of 1992 in Bosnia and Herzegovina: in Neum, Livno, Tomislavgrad, Rama, Grude, Nova Bila, and then later on in Zepce and Kiseljak. Besides these war hospitals, in August of 1991 two mobile surgical teams were formed for the needs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and two for the needs of the Croatian army. The mobile surgical teams gave assistance in 65 places in Bosnia and Herzegovina, performed evacuations and treated over 30000 wounded in B i H. Parallel to this, the Clinical Hospital organised the placement of over 1000 sick to other medical centres within Croatia and throughout the world. The Clinical Hospital Split was and remains open to all wounded and sick, without regard to nationality, religion, or without regard to the political or military situation.

Our belief has earned us many recognitions from international humanitarian organisations, the Medical School of Zagreb and the government of the Republic of Croatia.

Through our work we have underlined our professionalism, ethics and patriotism.